Jottr's Transparency Policy

By law, we are required to provide a Privacy Policy.

However, we find it helpful to first pose the question, “Does privacy exist?”

Every time we enter a department store, security cameras record our movements. Every time we swipe our credit card, purchases are recorded and analyzed. Every website we visit stores information about our browsing habits.

We give our information freely to social media sites with seemingly watertight Privacy Policies. However it has taken us a while to realize that the biggest beneficiary of social media is not us, the users. Rather it is those who monetize the value of the data we generate. Our data has been used to serve corporations, rather than to serve us personally.

We have never been given access to that data. With access to our data we can build tools that anticipate our needs and take initiative on what is known about us. Our data should empower us personally, not empower advertisers to persuade us to purchase products we don’t need.

Access to technology has changed the way we think about privacy and data collection. This is why we believe it’s time to reframe the outdated Privacy Policy.

Fortunately our lawyers agree.

Jottr operates under a Transparency Policy because our goal with this Policy is to be candid with you about our data collection practices, and to make the data we collect available to you, so that it can serve you personally. We’ve done our very best to make the Policy as simple as possible.

The Policy

What That Means

Effective Date: July 1, 2015

This Transparency Policy, previously referred to as a Privacy Policy (“Policy”) is expressly incorporated into Jottr’s Terms of Use.

This Policy explains what information we collect from you, how we use it, how we store it and how we make it available to you. Your privacy is important to us, so we’ve developed this Policy to inform you of our privacy practices. This Policy applies to the website and its related services (“Services”). Please take the time to review the following Policy. We reserve the right to modify this Policy at any time. We will provide notice of changes through reasonable means, such as email or prominent notices displayed on our website, but you should also review this Policy periodically. You consent to any changes made to this Policy by continuing to use our Services after any change is made. If you object to our Policy then please do not use our Services.

We take the responsibility of handling your data very seriously. We may, at times, need to change the way we handle your data and we will make every effort to inform you of these changes. If you continue to use our Services, you agree with our changes.


In order to provide and improve on our Services, we need to collect certain information from you. We collect information in the following two ways:

Information you give us . Anytime you provide us with information in order to access or use our Services, we store that information. This includes, for example, first and last name, location, email, profile picture, list of interests, and phone number that you provide when creating an account. User accounts can also be created using an existing social media profile (e.g., Facebook). Anytime you create an account using this method, we may collect information that is available on the account you used for registration.

We do, however, provide our users with the option of using the Services anonymously and without registration. This option is for users that prefer to not share personal data with us.

You may also connect your Jottr account with third-party service providers. If you choose to link your account with other services, we may collect information that you have made available to that service.

Information automatically collected . When you interact with our Services, we use a variety of technologies (e.g., cookies and scripts) that automatically collect certain information about you. For example, we collect auto-generated data, including IP addresses, timestamps, device, software, operating system, and advertising IDs, from you whenever you access our Services. We also use an algorithm, which we call the Natural Language Processing algorithm, to track the topics you view while using Jottr.

We separate the data we collect into two categories: information you give us and information we collect automatically.

We understand that you may not want to share personal information, so we do allow you to use the Services anonymously and without registration.


For our purposes : Our users’ information is valuable to our users and to us. We use the information we collect to customize and improve the Jottr experience. Using your data to provide you with a unique and personalized experience is an essential aspect of Jottr. We use the data we have about you primarily to customize what you will see when using Jottr, including content, marketing materials, and advertising.

Sharing with third parties . We share your data in only a few limited circumstances. We share aggregate data that has been de-identified to third parties. For personally identifiable information, we will share your information only when required by law, to third parties services that are connected to your Jottr profile, to third-party websites and apps that work with Jottr, or to a parent or teacher when the Jottr user is a child.

If we transfer or sell all or some of our assets to another organization, we may sell or transfer your information. By using the services, you agree to such a sale or transfer of your information.

We try to limit the use of your data as best we can. When we use your data, it is to better serve you with a personalized experience.

When we share your data to third parties, we anonymize the data as much as we can. In exceptional circumstances (like when required by law), we will need to share your personally identifiable information with third parties.


We have implemented safeguards in order to help prevent loss, degradation, alteration, or misuse of the information we control. We store your information using various forms of data-securitization, including but not limited to, digital codes, SSL certificates, access keys, and OTP changes. Despite these measures, we cannot ensure the safety of any information we collect.

We retain data we collect for as long as needed to provide our Services or as reasonably necessary to protect our legal rights.

We have implemented numerous data security measures in order to protect your data.


We have implemented mechanisms in order to view and modify all the information we collect about you. Access to your data is protected by your user name and password. If you are a registered Jottr user, you can access or modify your personal information or delete your account here.

Because we are transparent, you can view everything we collect about you here. You have full control and can delete your account at any time.


Compliance by Request: Jottr will never disclose your information to third parties for direct marketing purposes. However, pursuant to California Civil Code Section 1798.83, upon the request of a user, we must provide him/her with the information that we disclose to third parties for direct marketing purposes.

Users are limited to one request per year. If you wish to find out more about the information we give to third parties please contact us here.

Compliance by Opt-out: Jottr will never disclose your information to third parties for direct marketing purposes. However, pursuant to California Civil Code Section 1798.83, we allow our users to use the service anonymously. If you wish to, you can delete your personal information here.

Do Not Track: Jottr’s personalization service can only work when we are able to track your use over time, including when you use the Services anonymously. Jottr therefore does not respond to Do Not Track (DNT) signals. If you do not want your visits to the site to be tracked, do not use the Service. In addition, some third parties that have content embedded on Jottr’s websites such as a social feature or a stock ticker may set cookies on a user’s browser and/or obtain information about the fact that a web browser visited a specific Jottr website from a certain IP address. Third parties cannot collect any other personally identifiable information from Jottr’s websites unless you provide it to them directly.

If you have any questions, comments, or other inquiries, please feel free to contact us here.

We do not allow other people to send you direct marketing, but if you wish to find out more, you can contact us here.

The Jottr personalization service cannot work without tracking, and so we are unable to respond to DNT requests.