About Jottr

Jottr is a free real-time, adaptive content filtering and publishing platform where you control your privacy. It's available online now and soon on iOS and Android.

Jottr filters, sorts and prioritizes the real-time web to bring you more of what you love and less of what you don't. Jottr solves the infobesity epidemic by filtering out anything you classify as 'noise'.


Yip. Nada. Gratis. For nothing. For always.


Jottr monitors over 300 of the web's most popular sites (and our community is adding more as we speak). Seconds after every new article is published, our giant computerized production line kicks into gear to:

  • Analyze the article
  • Contextorize  it into one or more  interests 
  • Matchorize it to peeps with same interests
  • Prioritize each article in their feed
  • Summarize and display as a Jott.


Jottr aims to please, and so it learns your likes and dislikes the more you use it. Enjoy technology but don't want Microsoft updates? No problem. Prefer only hearing news about left-handed women golfers? Sorted. Want to receive the latest origami news but without beginner instructions? Done.

Change your preferences at any time, or simply let Jottr learn as it watches what you ignore and what you read.


Jottr handles anything you throw at it: text, pictures, audio, video. From any source. Think of it as the real-time web's Hoover. We just don't do anything illegal. 


The infobesity challenge isn't caused by too much information - it's caused by inadequate filters. Very clever people have worked long and hard to categorize the world's information. They failed. For one simple reason: every individual has different categories. And so Jottr allows you to categorize your interests any way you'd like. Think of it as hash tagging the Internet. Let your hair down and go wild.


For content creators, Jottr provides an elegant, simple way of getting your message in front of just the people who have the same passions as you do. Forget fighting your way to the top of search engines, paying an arm and a leg for traffic to your site or being drowned out by all the social media noise. Reach your tribe, forget the rest.

Who built Jottr?

We're Jay, George and Michael - 3 guys with over 50 years' (gulp) experience between us doing stuff online. Jay is in London, UK and George and Michael are in Cape Town, South Africa. But the web is our home. You can meet the rest of our team here <link to Team Page>.

Why build Jottr?

Frankly, we think search is broken. We could rant on and on about why, but if you've read this far, we know you'll agree. Discovery is the new search - that's why we built Jottr, and we think you'll love it.


When you join any new platform, the norm is to have to provide reams of personal information. We know you don't like that, and neither do we. All we'll ever ask you for is an email address so we can create an account for you. We don't need to know your name, date of birth, mother's maiden name or any other shenanigans. You might want to provide contact information if you're a publisher (so your tribe can contact you after seeing your great stuff), but we don't insist on it. Go wild and do your thang.